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AziPac’s goal is to create value for all stakeholders through the generation and monetization of new and exciting geological concepts in a region which has experienced a dramatic increase in energy demand. AziPac utilizes leading edge technology to identify and de-risk material prospects and then attract partners to share the costs during the more capital intensive drilling phase.

Strategic Elements


  • Use extensive access to high quality seismic data to identify both new basins with attractive hydrocarbon potential and existing basins where the technology can be leveraged to identify and prove up new plays. Use multiple advanced geophysical technologies to identify and de-risk material exploration targets.

Experienced Management:

  • Highly qualified management team with extensive exploration experience and a proven track record of material discoveries and genuine value creation within the region

Active Portfolio Management:

  • Build an extensive licence portfolio across multiple basins containing a variety of play types to spread risk and broaden opportunity set
  • Deploy capital prudently in de-risking exploration targets
  • Integrate information from third party exploration drilling to refine portfolio and highgrade prospects
  • Progress exploration programme towards drilling phase

Financial Capability:

  • Regional exploration partner of choice through strong and long-term financial support from the Seacrest Group and partners


  • Mitigate risk and preserve capital through partnering with industry leading exploration companies


  • Actively manage and grow further the portfolio through licence awards, acreage swaps and farm-in transactions based on technical excellence and a motivation for rapid progress